Hearing Aid Specialist - McLeod ENT Associates (Full-Time)

McLeod Health

Job Description

The responsibilities of a hearing aid specialist include:
Interview patients to learn their symptoms and medical histories;
Conduct screenings and tests to determine the severity and type of hearing impairment;
Carry out basic hearing test such as bone conduction, air conduction, speech audiometry tests, etc.;
Analyze test findings to make diagnoses, then discuss possible solutions with patients;
Recommend and dispense assistive listening devices;
Take measurements and make earmolds to ensure that hearing aids fit properly;
Instruct patients in how to use and maintain the devices, providing demonstrations and information;
Assist audiologists with nonsurgical procedures designed to treat hearing disorders;
Modify devices that have already been placed in patients ears, to make them function or fit better;
Make repairs and replace defective parts;
Teach patients aural rehabilitation techniques;
Create and maintain customer computer files;
Train other staffers, if required by the employer;
Receive continuing education and read professional publications to stay up-to-date on medical knowledge and techniques.

Licenses/Certifications/Registrations/Education/Skills Required:
Current license in the state of SC
High school or equivalent
Completion of an approved hearing aid specialist training program.
5 years experience dispensing hearing aids and performing hearing testing
Computer skills, customer service skills, sales skills, verbal communication skills, problem-solving skills

Employment Type