Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Job Description

Position Summary

Sonographers are responsible for the administration of high-frequency sound waves and other diagnostic techniques for diagnostic, therapeutic or research purposes. The sonographer performs sonographic procedures at the request of and for interpretation by a licensed practitioner.

The Sonographer integrates scientific knowledge, technical competence and patient interaction skills to provide safe and accurate procedures with compassion. The sonographer recognizes patient conditions essential for the successful completion of the procedure.

Sonographers are the primary liaison between patients, licensed practitioners, and other members of the support team. Sonographers must remain sensitive to the needs of the patient through good communication, patient assessment, patient monitoring and patient care skills. As members of the health care team, sonographers participate in quality improvement processes and continually assess their professional performance.

Core Job Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Physicians and Practice Manger, employee is responsible for performing all ultrasound examinations, assisting with supervising work flow, assisting Physicians with high-risk ultrasound scans, fetal anatomy, fetal echocardiograms, fetal doppler, amniocentesis, CVS procedures, Cordocentesis, Bio-Physical Profiles, Transvaginal ultrasounds, Doppler studies of Maternal Uterine Artery or Middle Cerebral Artery, etc.

Employee is also responsible for assisting with maintenance of equipment, and assisting with teaching file material, fetal board material, medical staff meetings, QA studies, etc.

Employee is responsible for reporting ultrasound findings on "OB Windows" reporting software and pulling images from the PACS imaging software system.

Employee must be able to work under stressful conditions and be sensitive to patient needs and concerns. Use good decision-making when deciding most likely diagnosis from patient's clinical history, lab studies, and ultrasound exam results.

Employee must be discrete and follow patient confidentiality guidelines.

Employee will be responsible for covering call on a rotating basis and assisting co-workers with call and work schedule.

Other duties as assigned by Coordinator, Physicians, or Practice Manager.

Minimum Requirements

Education - Graduate of an approved sonography program

Experience 18 months experience in OB/GYN, Abdomen, Small Parts, and Neonatal U/S

ARRT and SDMS/RDMS Registry Eligible

Employment Type