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The RNFA - Registered Nurse First Assistant collaborates with the surgeon and the surgical team in performing a safe operation with optimal outcomes for the patient. The RNFA practices perioperative nursing and must have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and judgement specific to clinical practice. The RNFA practices in collaboration with and at the direction of the surgeon during the intraoperative phase of the perioperative experience.First assists surgeons in thoracic and cardiovascular surgical procedures. May assist with cardiovascular and thoracic surgical preparatory procedures. All surgical, preoperative, and postoperative procedures are performed under the direction and guidance of the surgeon. Surgical tasks may include, but are not limited to: open and closing surgical sites, exposure of surgical sites, harvesting grafts, dissecting tissue, removing tissue, implanting devices and altering tissues. May also include, but is not limited to, foley insertion, positioning, prepping and draping.

RNFA's are responsible for having sterile instruments, sutures and equipment necessary for the surgical procedure, along with a working knowledge of each device. They are also required to maintain the sterile field to ensure patient/employee safety. They assist with positioning and prepping according to the standards of practice and policies and procedures of the department and the hospital. Performs multiple tasks to get patients prepared for the physician and assists the physician with giving surgical care to the patient.

Work Schedule- Rotating

Education and Experience- A graduate of an accredited nursing program. Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. Certification as a Nurse Operating Room (CNOR) and completion of the Registered Nurse First Assist (RNFA) course - certified RNFA preferred. Minimum of five years related experience; Proven proficiency with the endo-vein harvesting technique. Ability to teach others the endo-vein harvesting procedure, recommended.

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