Licensed Practical Nurse/Home Health

McLeod Health

Job Description


The staff LPN is responsible for assisting with revisits within a geographical area.


Supervised By: Regional Case Manager and indirectly to Senior Clinical Manager, McLeod Home Health.Work relationships: Works under the direction of the primary case manager RN.

Collaborates with all caregiver staff: RN, PT, OT, ST, MSW for interdisciplinary coordination of patient care.


Responsibility: Directly accountable to the Regional Case Manager and the Senior Clinical Manager, McLeod Home Health. Functions within agency and unit policies and procedures. Manages own time productively and independently and complies with attendance and reporting requirements.

Knowledge: Knowledge of State Licensure Laws, the Conditions of Participation of the Federal Health Insurance Program for the Aged and Disabled (Title XVIII, Social Security Act, Section 1861), and the regulations relating to Conditions of Participation for Home Health Agencies (Part 405, Section 1201-1243), JCAHO, and OSHA regulation desirable. Must have foundational knowledge of medical-surgical nursing practice.

Skill: Demonstrated ability in communication and interpersonal relationships. Good writing skills and computer literacy are desirable. Organizational and time management skills desirable. Must have strong data collection skills and clinical skills.

Mental Application: Must be highly adaptable and have the ability to exercise a high degree of initiative and judgment in carrying out work assignments. Must have good critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Dexterity: Must be able to function in an office and clinical setting which includes standing, walking, sitting, etc. Must be able to use office and clinical equipment such as copier, computers, calculators, glucometers, pulse oximeters etc. Must have very good manual dexterity in carrying out technical and physical aspects of role. Must have good hearing and eyesight.

Experience: Must have at least one year nursing experience in the hospital setting. Previous home care experience preferred.

Education: Graduate of an accredited program in practical nursing. Evidence of continuing education in home care highly desirable.

Driver Requirements: Must be at least 21 years old to be covered under McLeod Health's fleet vehicle insurance policy.

Driving record as verified through Department of Motor Vehicle verification will include:
No major violations in the past three (3) years.
No more than two (2) minor violations in the past (3) years with zero (0) no-fault accidents.
No more than one (1) at-fault accident with one (1) minor violation. Minor violations may include but are not limited to speeding, failure to yield, illegal passing, stop sign/stop light violation, careless operation, etc. Major violations may include but are not limited to speeding in excess of 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, driving/under the influence of alcohol/narcotics; open alcohol containers; reckless, careless, improper/negligent driving; refusal to take alcohol test, illegal possession of alcohol/narcotics in motor vehicle, etc.


Physical Activity: Moderate physical activity involved, with daily and frequent walking, standing, bending, lifting and carrying of objects weighing up to fifty pounds, sitting, and driving. Full range of motion and strenuous movements may be necessary if performing patient care.

Working Conditions: In an office which is well ventilated, lighted and temperature regulated. In the home setting and related travel, conditions may be inclimate, cramped, or require special accommodations for patient care. In such conditions, safety must be the responsibility of the worker.

Hazards or Risks: In the office, minimal. Must use own car when company transportation is not available for travel to remote sites, often in rural, isolated areas. Must be able to handle potential problems related to safety issues for staff and patients in all settings.


One (I).


Direct and periodic.


High degree of maturity, self-motivation, creativity, initiative and independent judgment required.


Must have responsible, ethical, self-initiating professional behavior. Effective interpersonal skills, empathy and ability to listen and plan with staff, patients/customers/physicians are essential characteristics. Must be able to efficiently communicate with a diverse population. Self-awareness and self-evaluation are important characteristics as are accuracy in collecting data, completion of records and follow-up.


Position Relationships: Works closely with other staff, physicians, other external agencies and groups.

Personal Appearance: Adheres to department dress code. Presents a neat, clean, well-groomed appearance.

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